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Creative Flow vs. Stop and Go

Nala the cellist on her bike



My name is Nala. I am a professional cellist in a big band. My daily commute starts at home and ends at our rehearsal room downtown. On my way to work I ride past a large venue called the Laeiszhalle. For generations artists have been inspired by this exceptional concert hall.



Inspiration on the go

Riding around the city inspires me a lot. I get many new ideas and sounds from the street start forming a tune in my head. Like the sound of the tires on cobblestones, laughing children, screaming seagulls, rushing trees, car horns, street musicians, ...



Biking and Passion

Being passionate about something is essential for me to become creative and to compose new pieces of music. I always enjoy my daily rides through the city. A lot of the music I've composed has been created on my bike. My thoughts are free, just as I am free in my choice of the route I take today. It is the variaty that animates and moves everything.

Every day is a good day

I like to spend my off-days outside in nature. I like to ride my bike to the parks and gardens in the area to distract myself.

Imagine a warm spring evening in a park in Hamburg. I am sitting down and start listening to my surroundings. On a bench a young couple is talking and giggling. A young and completely exhausted pug drops panting in the grass to catch his breath.

Now close your eyes. What do you hear? I seek inspriation wherever I am, it helps me when practicing my music and makes me try out new things. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed about what you are capable of.

Roads are what you make them

My bike and I are a natural dream team. It is an All-Road machine, ready for any challenge the city throws at me. Lightweight. Stylish. Fast. Perfect for everyday use around town. Check out my bike, it's a Grandurance Elite