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My way vs. highway

Mario the chef on his bike


Mario the chef smiling


I am Mario, a passionate chef from St. Pauli in Hamburg. Cooking is my fulfillment.
I am my own boss, so I have the freedom to chose on how to spend my time. Every day is something new, and it's ideal to start the day on my e-bike to buy fresh ingredients for my creations.

Inhale and exhale

On my way through the streets where I live I meet well-known faces and enjoy the atmosphere of this diverse and lively district again and again.



Away from the urban jungle

When I ride I can let my mind run free. I never take the shortest route because I want to avoid the busy, stressful streets. On my e-bike, a sportive urban commuter, I like to chose my own route. What may seem like a detour to others is me findig my own way through the urban jungle.

Mario going the long way round

Doing Jigsaws

I am in no hurry and take a few stops just to enjoy the moment. For me, riding through the city is a source of inspiration. Absorbing the environment, seeing and smelling the aroma of flowers and herbs, the tickling of the sun on the tip of my nose or the barbecue in the park – there are many different things that make me the original chef I am.
I would miss out on so much if I spent my time in the car, on the bus or a train.

The best

I prefer to buy fresh ingredients directly from the market. It's never just a matter of simply working out a shopping list. In fact, the recipe of the day only comes together during my ride.
With each pedal stroke I feel better, I notice the smell of fresh fruits, vegetables and spices even from afar. When I eventually arrive, in my mind the composition of my dish is already finished.

Mario approaching a market stand
Mario smelling produce at the market

My daily dose of life

To do what I want means a lot to me. My time is what matters. At the time I cooked in a five-star restaurant I had far too little of it. The independence of a food truck and to follow my heart's desire is much more important to me. It is fulfilling to me.
The time I can then spend on my bike is the perfect balance. On my bike my time belongs to me alone.
How do you get your time back?