• Who We Are.

We’re from Hamburg-St. Pauli.

People from St. Pauli never put on a false front. They say what they think. We’re no-nonsense people. We’ve got our heads on straight. And that is reflected in what we love best: straightforward bikes.


Hamburg – the “gate to the world” – is our home. Here, a handshake still counts, and the honest, Hanseatic mentality is valued and lived.

We’re from Hamburg’s lively district of St. Pauli. The creative energy, inspiring diversity and people with the guts for self-determination is what characterises this place and helps us thrive.


We think outside the box, we do things differently, we may seem a little rough around the edges, but we’re always sincere and possibly a little crazy.

We’ll always stick together, come what may. We’re honest, courageous, open and stand by what we say and do. We have the edge.


Our dedication knows neither time of day nor time of year. It engrosses us completely. We’re devoted to what we do. We work as one, ride our bikes in all conditions, we party, laugh, fight and cry together.

Our love for all things cycling is boundless. We rejoice and suffer along with our professional team riders just like we admire the commuters battlin their way through the chaos of the urban jungle on a daily basis.

BERGAMONT is high-tech. For us, however, technology is not an end in itself. Instead, it allows you to ride at your limits, guaranteeing increased riding performance and the best possible safety and reliability. More simply: the in-house developments and core technologies built into our bikes, along with the standards we have adopted, are the keys to maximum riding pleasure.


Riders of unique personality and character, positively maladjusted and always eager to push their limits.