Georg Hackl mit seinem E-Trailster

Legendary luger Georg Hackl now represents Bergamont as E-Bike Ambassador.

The former luger and three time Olympic and multiple world champion Georg Hackl now represents BERGAMONT as an E-Bike Ambassador and is seeking out new challenges on his E-Trailster.

Georg Hackl fährt sein Bergamont E-Trailster

"On an e-bike I can cover distances I was not able to ride even when I was young."

Georg Hackl will be a special guest at the newly created 12h eBike your Life events. During the inaugural event at Inn-Salzach Georg Hackl will ride the 12 hours and 120 km long tour with approximately 450 height meters. The former luger will rely on the proven BERGAMONT E-TRAILSTER 8.0.

Ein Portrait von Georg Hackl

The 12h eBike your Life Series with Bergamont as premium partner

The 12h eBike your Life-Series will premier in Inn-Salzach from June 23rd to 25th and feature a variety of tours without any competitive pressure. There will be a total of three tours between 40 and 120 km in length. Highlight is the 12h Premium Tour which will see the participants cover 120 km in 12 hours.

Legendary luger and e-bike fan Georg Hackl is already excited about entering the event on the 12h Premium Tour. He explains his enthusiasm about the E-Trailster 8.0: 

“What makes riding an e-bike so appealing is the possibility to create your individual levels of physical challenges.”

Following the premier in Inn-Salzach the second event will take participants through the Chiemsee-Chiemgau region to the Bavarian see and the Chiemgau alps.

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12h eBike your Live Events 2017

Inn-Salzach, 23.06. - 25.06.2017

  • 12h Premium-Tour, 12 h, 123 km, 450 Hm
  • Genuss-Tour, 7 h, 80 km, 240 Hm
  • Sunday-Special, 3 h, 41 km, 230 Hm


Chiemsee-Chiemgau, 29.09. - 01.10.2017

  • 12h Premium-Tour, 12 h, 125 km, 460 Hm
  • Berg-Tour, 9 h, 73 km, 1.020 Hm
  • Genuss-Tour, 6 h, 71 km, 460 Hm
  • Sunday-Special, 3 h, 38 km, 290 Hm


More info and course layout at

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