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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or even a problem regarding your Bergamont bike, chances are that it is a question we get asked regularly. On this page we collect these questions and the corresponding answer to make things easier for everyone. If your specific question is not addressed here, feel free to get in touch via our contact form.

Bergamont General

All our products are sold through authorized retailers. You can find your nearest dealer with the help of our Dealer Finder. In case there are no dealers listed, be sure to check our list of national distributors to check if we are already active in your country.
The first place to contact is always your local Bergamont dealer, as most mechanical issues can easily be fixed there. You can find your nearest dealer with the help of our Dealer Finder. Please only contact us regarding such issues, if you have already checked in with your dealer and they could not help you. Otherwise, all we can do is to point you there to get things checked over.
Contacting your local dealer first means that you will probably get your problem sorted faster, if not even on the fly. If the issue you are currently facing is somehow connected to a bigger issue your dealer will probably spot this and fix it as well. Should a mechanical problem be covered by our warranty your dealer can process the claim with us.
Please note: The following answer is quite candid in its response. We have no intention of patronizing or belittling you, but also don't want to waste your or our time.
Sorry, but probably not. We do sponsor selected pro athletes or ambassadors but the way it works is that we find people who we find interesting and would like to support. We get applications every day from people basically asking us for free bikes to improve their riding or to ""go pro"". But in all honesty, to get support, you better be at the top of your game already.
If you are just starting out the best way to get supported is to ask around at local businesses. What you can achieve at an early stage might not be enough for a big brand but is probably interesting for a business closer to your home. Some bike shops have grass roots sponsoring programs and if you are in a cycling club you might even get discounts through them. The way is rocky and before you can actually get paid to ride a bike you most likely have to invest a lot of your own time and money.
To receive BERGAMONT stickers, send an envelope including a return stamp to your national distributor. Please include a short note, explaining your request.
Not vaild for frame or battery decals, pleas see the corresponding FAQ for that.
Have a look into our Bike Archive. We have collected product info back to 2001 there.
As long as you keep the invoice as proof that you are the original owner of the bike, our warranty conditions apply. Registration is not required.
Yes, BERGAMONT offers a broad range of spare parts. Please contact your local BERGAMONT dealer or the national distributor in case your dealer is unable to help.


You can find all necessary information about your warranty in the product manual or on our website.
We keep your BERGAMONT dealer informed on the progress of your warranty claim. Please contact your BERGAMONT dealer for further information.
The warranty expires if a bike is sold on by the original customer.
Please find all our recalls form the section safety and recalls.

Product General

The correct answer to this question depends on many different factors: several biometric dimensions, personal preference, intended use, etc. It is therefore impossible to give a simple, universal answer. Traditional calculations depending on inseam and seat tube length often fall short (i.e. are wrong) with modern, sloping frame geometries. Consulting a qualified dealer or even have a bike fitting are the most reliable options to get the correct size. Our size chart, which can be found on any product page, can only give you a rough guideline, visiting your shop to get your biometrics checked and also go for a test ride cannot be replaced by that.
Usually the frame size is printed on the rear of the seat tube. It is also part of the frame's serial number.
The weight of the complete bikes can be found on the BERGAMONT website. Click on the "Specs" tab in the product section.
We define a max. system weight for each model. It is the sum of the weights of rider, bike and equipment. As long there is no separate weight limit defined for the rider the max system weight is key. You can find this information on a sticker on your bike and on the product page under the "Specs" tab.
In genereal we recommend to have about 5 mm space between the frame and the tyre. This will give you enough clearance even in muddy conditions. Please check the actual width of the tyre as this will depend on the brand, rim width and tyre pressure.
There can be any number of reasons for the development of noises on a bike. Localising the source of the noise is usually the biggest problem, solving or repairing the problem, on the other hand, is usually easy. The noise is often caused by dirt, or dry threads or bearings, which can be easily remedied with cleaning and lubrication if they are identified in time. Actual defective bearings (e.g. in the rear axle or bottom bracket) are very rarly the cause of noises. In extreme cases, creaking noises can signalise that the frame or other components are beginning to break. In order to eliminate such causes, it is always important to do a conclusive cause analysis. We have uploaded a PDF document to assist you rooting out the source of the problem.
Unfortunately this is not possible as BERGAMONT does not offer kits due to copyright issues on the one hand and because so called water transfers need special skills to apply and have to have a clear coat painted over them.
Exception: You can order new decals for additional or replacement batteries via our Partner
BERGAMONT does not offer touch-up paint or repainting for used frames.
Immediatly replace a damaged part made from carbon. Make sure no other is able to use it again to prevent injury, e.g. by cutting in two. Damaged frames may be repaired under certain conditions. Please contact your BERGAMONT dealer.
Yes you can, but only if you make sure not to clamp or squeeze the frame tubing.
Please make sure to use the original clamping and mounting devices delivered with the trainer. In case of doubt please contact an authorized BERGAMONT Dealer for further advise.
You must not further tighten the bolts/screws as this could damage the frame or components. Instead, use standard assembly compound for carbon components (e.g. Dynamics/Syntace adhesion paste). This will ensure that the components no longer turn even for low torque values. Avoid dry assembly, especially for seat posts, to prevent the components from seizing. For more on this topic, please read our tips on handling carbon parts.
We have compiled a list of bearing sizes that you can download as a PDF document.
You can order replacement bearings through your dealer as part of a kit for the maintenance of specific models. Since the grooved ball and plain bearings are generic parts in accordance with DIN, these can also be purchased individually from a local hardware shop. You can also obtain plain bearings directly from IGUS. For grooved ball bearings, please note that these have the identifier 2RS for the double rubber seal.
Optimised bearings specifically for Mountainbikes are also available from Enduro Bearings. You can find their current distributor for your country on their website.
Yes, there are mounting bolts available and a matching frame lock from ABUS which can be fitted without any additional disassembly work. For added customer convenience you can order the frame lock with a matching battery lock from ABUS so both locks can be opened with one key. You will receive the frame lock along with the tumbler for the battery lock.
On our city and trekking bikes, as well as on all pedelecs it is allowed in principal to mount a child seat, however, we cannot guarantee that every available mounting option will fit any specific bike. It is your responsibility to determine if a child seat carried by your shop is compatible to the bike in question.

Two things need to be made sure:
  1. The maximum system weight of the bike (added weights of rider, bike, equipment and the occupied child seat) must not be exceeded.
  2. If the child seat is mounted to the carrier the maximum permissible load of it must not be exceeded by the weight of the seat plus child. The load is stamped on the carrier but may be missing on some older models. Please contact BERGAMONT service to determine the load. Usually this is at max. 25 kg but there are exceptions below and above this average.

Product E-Bike

No you can't remove the speed governor. Any manipulation to the drive unit will void warranty and can infringe legal requirements.
Theoretically there is no maximum speed on an E-Bike; the motor will cut out the assistance above:

45km/h: assistance's speed limit for "Speed Pedelec" (L1e-B)
25km/h: assistance's speed limit for "Powered Cycles" (L1e-A)
The higher the amount of Whatt hours (Wh) of the battery is, the greater range you can cover in theory. In reality lots of factors have to be taken into consideration:
  • The weight of the bike: the heavier the bike is, the more energy it needs to be propelled. At BERGAMONT the weight and the balance of the bike is always a key point.
  • The quality of the motor: a smooth and smart motor will save energy and increase range. BERGAMONT bikes are equipped with Shimano and Bosch motors, which are the actual benchmark on the market. Motors are also adjusted with regards to the program of the bike, a city bike, for instance, will have different settings compared to an off-road bike.
  • The environment: road quality, wind, temperature, grade of the road, all of these play an important role.
Riding 80km* with a 500Wh battery is a good point of reference on an e-mountain bike and 100km for an e-urban bike

*on eco mode with 80kg rider.
Yes, all drive units mounted on BERGAMONT E-Bikes have a walk mode (Up to 6km/h).
"E-Bikes" is a generic term that encompases all categories of Pedelecs, Speed-pedelecs and Mopeds. At BERGAMONT when we use the word "E-Bike", we talk about bikes with an electric assist system that requires user input (pedal strokes) to be activated. So either Pedelecs (25km/h) or Speed Pedelecs (45km/h).
  • Speed-pedelecs: E-Bikes with electric assistance that stops at 45km/h (L1e-B). To be activated the assistance needs a human force on the pedals. Walk assist mode up to 6km/h.
  • Mopeds: E-Bikes with electric assistance that stops at 45km/h (L1e-B). To be activated the assistance does not need a human force on the pedals as there is a throttle. BERGAMONT doesn't sell Mopeds.
  • Pedelecs: E-Bikes with electric assistance that stops at 25km/h (L1e-A). To be activated the assistance needs a human force on the pedals. Walk assist mode up to 6km/h.
Yes, BERGAMONT only sells E-Bikes with pedal assist. This means that if you dont pedal, nothing happens. This assistance goes generally from +50% of additional power to +300% depending on the mode.
The maintenance is pretty limited and simple. By yourself you can wash it, apply oil on the chain, wipe it down and check brake pad wear. We recommend to visit your local dealer for scheduled maintenance work as specified in the product manual to avoid any mechanical issues.
Everything related to the drive unit needs to be carried out by the manufacturer for safety and security reasons.
Depending on the component you may only replace these with identical parts. The reason is that changing parts might void the e-bikes conformity to legislation, rendering it illegal to use on the road. This would mean e.g. that, in case of an accident, the insurance might not cover the cost in part or in full.
The German two wheel industry association (ZIV) has put together a set of rules which covers this topic and states which components may be replaced in which manner. They differentiate between e-bikes with motor assistance up to 25 km/h (pedelecs) and up to 45 km/h (s-pedelecs).
As an E-Bike is water resistant you can wash it as you would wash a normal bike.
For improving the bearing life-cycle, do not use a high-pressure washer. Once it's clean, wipe off the bike and lubricate the chain with of bit of oil in order to improve the lifetime of your drive train. We recommend to wipe the electrical contact plates of the battery afterwards as well.
Both the engine and the battery is water resistant, so there is no problem for riding in wet conditions.
Getting on a plane with an E-Bike requires special authorization, please contact your airline before booking your ticket.
The higher the torque, the more nervous the bike will be when you start to pedal again at a stop for example.
High Torque is better suited to a mountain bike (70Nm +/- maximum) and a lower torque rate will be better for an urban bike (45Nm +/- maximum)
Lithium ION technology replaces acid based batteries. They are lighter, they last 3 to 4 times longer and are safer.
Both refer to the capacity of the battery. The higher these numbers are, the more autonomy the battery has but the, larger, heavier and more expensive the battery is. Standard capacity is 500Wh.
Volts refer to the power of the battery. E-Bikes generally use a 36v battery as a good compromise between torque and battery efficiency.
S-Pedelecs need to be insured in most European countries. However, the regulations are specific to each country, best is to check with your insurance company.
For the EU:
  • Low speed pedelec (<25km/h): same restrictions as a non-motorized bicycle
  • Speed Pedelec (<45km/h): same as a moped, forbidden on bicycle paths
For Switzerland:
In Europe an AM (M) license is required for Speed Pedelecs (45km/h E-Bikes). This is included if you have a B license to drive a car. Minimum age of 14 to ride in Switzerland. No driving license needed for Pedelec 25km/h.
For your own safety we recommend to always wear a helmet. Depending on local legislation in your country wearing a helmet might be compulsory. Please also be aware that when riding an S-Pedelec some countries require a motorcycle grade helmet.
Nowadays most of the batteries (500wh) need around 4.5-5 hours to be charged completely and less than 3 hours for 80%
Domestic plugs. Only the original charger can be used, if you've lost your charger please contact your dealer.
The battery has a retaining system to secure it against theft. You need a key to remove the battery from the frame but no further tools are required.
All BERGAMONT E-Bike keys come with a serial number. As soon as you have your bike, register your key on (SHIMANO & BOSCH). This allows you to order a replacement key whenever you want.
If you don't have this number anymore, please contact your dealer.
For longer storage we recommend you to stock the battery at ambient temperature, ideally between 18-20° Celsius. Avoid leaving your battery on your bike during cold nights or directly exposing it to the sun.
  • Non-integrated batteries: the battery is completely visible on the bike.
  • Semi-integrated batteries: the battery is partly hidden inside the frame.
  • Integrated batteries: the battery is not visible at all; it's directly mounted inside the frame.
Integrated and non-integrated batteries work the same. An integrated battery will improve the design of the bike and will reduce the risk of impacts as it is protected by the frame. Additionally, the integration of the battery reduces the risk of theft.
With Lithium Ion batteries interim charging doesn't matter. As all BERGAMONT bikes are equipped with Lithium batteries, feel free to charge your battery as you wish. For the first charging cycle please read the user manual and follow the indications.
Always use the original battery and the original charger of your E-Bike to avoid any issues or defects.